Welcome Back QUEST!

Welcome Back QUEST!

We are excited to welcome home our four January QUEST groups! We sent students all over the world to the exciting places of Costa Rica, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Kenya! We are so overjoyed that everyone had a great trip!

QUEST is a program of the Crossing by which students can participate in service learning through the powerful experience of traveling with peers to learn about another part of the world. Students have the opportunity to see efforts worldwide to deal with issues of poverty, education, and sustainability, and to then reflect on how what they’re learning abroad might transform the ways in which they see and engage their own context back home. Check out the QUEST website for more information about our upcoming May trips to Israel-Palestine and the Badlands, ND!

“Quest Costa Rica enabled me to push my boundaries, explore a new culture and way of life while creating lasting relationships along the way.” –Abby, Quest Costa Rica 2014


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Quest: Kenya

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Quest: Nepal

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Quest: Sri Lanka

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Quest: Costa Rica