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Greetings from the Crossing (May 5, 2018)

Mallory and I are holding you in prayer during the coming final exam week — and wishing you a wonderful summer!  Remember that The Crossing is a great place to study.  We will also have extra food and snacks on hand to give you nourishment!  Our building is open from 8:30 am – 8 pm Monday through Thursday this week.

As the school year comes to an end, it is our hope that it has been a good year for you
. One of the beautiful gifts the Catholic Christian tradition gives us comes from St Ignatius of Loyola who gave his monks the practice of the Examen – to look back at a day, an experience, or even a whole school year – and reflect on what was life giving (where God was experienced) and what was not life giving (where God was not experienced).  Doing this practice helps us to grow, feel gratitude, and to begin to choose more life giving paths in our future. Fr. Dennis Hamm, SJ, a scripture professor at Creighton University, calls the Daily Examen “rummaging for God.” He likens it to “going through a drawer full of stuff, feeling around, looking for something that you are sure must be there.” So I encourage you to take some time (once all the exams are over) to reflect on this past year using the practice of the examen.  If you are interested in using this practice in daily life with relationships, habits, fears, attachments . . .  check out the options on the  Examen App which offers a modern take on this 500 year old prayer

At our last Vespers service, Mallory preached on the passage from Matthew (28:16-20) in which Jesus commissions his disciples and sends them forth.  She invited us to think of Jesus as sending us forth to live the love commandment that he teaches us.  As you reflect on your own journey (perhaps using the Examen practice) and as you move forward into whatever plans you have for the summer, I invite you to do so in the spirit of love, remembering the words of the 20th century French Idealist Philosopher, Scientist and Jesuit Priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

“Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them, for it alone takes them and joins them by what is deepest in themselves.”

If you are returning to school in the Fall, we hope to see you at The Crossing!  If you are around Madison this summer and are interested in getting involved with The Crossing activities, let us know so we put you on our summer email list!


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Make The Crossing your place to study for Finals!VESPERS WEEKLY WORSHIP
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Summer at The Crossing
If you are around and want to get involved, contact our Campus Minister Karla to be put on the listserve!


Food Recovery Meals at The Crossing
Our Free Tuesday Lunch will resume for Fall Semester.  If you would like to be a volunteer on some Tuesdays, contact our coordinators:  Andi.and Hope

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Appalachia Service Project Mission Trip
July 14, 2018-July 22, 2018 to Jonesville, Virginia
Cost is $400 (with plans for summer fundraisers)
If you are interested in this, contact Breanna for more information. This trip is sponsored by First United Methodist Church

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