Serving UW Madison

Free Student Meals
(during academic year)

Tuesday Meal served 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Come early before all the food is gone!
The Crossing is partnering with the Food Recovery Network Student Org, the UW Campus Food Shed and Hillel to serve free lunches to students with food leftover from dorm dining halls.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING on Tuesdays, contact our Intern Andi.

Thursday Dinners served 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Come early before all the food is gone! The Food Recovery Network Student Org, Campus Kitchen Project, and the UW Campus Food Shed are partnering to serve free dinners to students with food leftover from dorm dining halls. Held at The Crossing. Contact these groups if you are interested in volunteering on Thursdays.

Slow Food UW

Slow Food UW is a food justice organization that hosts many of their events in our building. From their website:

“Slow Food UW was founded in 2007 by Genya Erling as a way to bring local foods from Southern Wisconsin farmers to the campus. The small group of students who spent their days cooking and enjoying local food together are the pioneers of our current organization. The organization slowly grew as members and volunteers spread the word. Our mission sets itself apart from the broader Slow Food movement by looking to provide good, clean, fair food at an affordable price for all.”

“Our mission is to promote and model an alternative food system where food is good, clean, and fair for all by supporting sustainable food production, creating an inviting communityaround food, and advancing food justice in the Madison area.”

Slow Food currently hosts Family Dinner Nights on Mondays and the Slow Food Café on Wednesdays during lunch. See our calendar for Slow Food events held at The Crossing. Find more information at or by emailing

*Slow Food UW is not affiliated with The Crossing, any religion or any religious organization.*


The Crossing Clothespin Movement

Have you been ‘pinned’ with one of our clothespins?  We hope the message gave you a lift. Thank you for coming to our website. Crossing SALT students (Student Activities Leadership Team) launched this movement on October 1st, 2017 to spread a message of grace, goodness, kindness, and love across the UW-Madison campus.  This movement is based in the original Clothespin Movement which revolves around three core values:   anonymity, creativity, and community.  We hope the message you received blesses you and invite you to ‘take in the good’ and then, if you are so inclined, to ‘pass it on’ by pinning the clothespin to another’s backpack.  If you choose to visit us at the Crossing, we would welcome you!


Helping the Homeless

The Crossing prepares backpacks for any UW student who finds themselves w/o housing and in need.  We bring these to the Open Seat where students who need them can receive them.