Rental Information

General Building Use Guidelines


Usage Approval

Every room request scheduled must be approved by The Crossing administrator, based on space availability and the purpose of the event. Approval may take up to a week.

Rooms assigned to a group may only be used by that group.

It is the responsibility of the group to see that attendees do not enter unassigned space.


The Crossing sponsored programs and events have priority in scheduling space in the

building. If there is a conflict, you may you may be asked to select another available room.


Clean Up and Maintenance

All users are required to leave the rooms in order and the same condition you found them.

This includes: returning furniture used back to original position; disposal of any trash; and sweeping/vacuuming the floors and cleaning the kitchen if needed



Responsible care of the building is required at all times. Damage and/or breakage must be

reported to the administrator. Building users agree to pay for any property damages and expenses

that occurred during their use of the facilities. This is over and beyond the rental fee.



The booking deposit will be refunded if the area is clean and there is no damage.

If the space is not cleaned, or if there is any damage, the deposit will not  be refunded.



Keys to the building and room will be given out within 2 days of the event.

By receiving the keys, I agree to the following:

Not to make duplicate keys, nor lend the key to anyone else.

To insure the building is safe and secure when I depart.

To immediately notify The Crossing if the key(s) are lost or stolen.

To pay $100 toward a new lock if the key is lost or stolen.

To return the key(s) the following business day after the event