March Forth on March 4th

March Forth on March 4th

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What will you do? What kind of life will you lead?

March Forth is a one-day event aiming to raise awareness of local and global justice issues via simple acts of justice work and advocacy. As you carry this practice through Lent, may you allow it to become who you are and not just something you do.

give up apathytake up justice. (see Isaiah 58 Micah 6:1-8)

Here’s how you can be a part of it:

Throw yourself into a project you are already passionate about: environmental justice; immigration reform; poverty; public health; racial justice; disability rights; LGBTQ equality; or any other issue!

On March 4th:

Wear Blue

Wear blue and turn your profile picture blue with one of these March Forth profile graphics

Take Action!

Beginning March 4th and carrying through Lent: commit to giving up apathy and taking up justice. Here are a few ideas how (feel free to be creative and come up with others!)

-Write a letter to or call your representative–find you representative here–on a topical justice issue, like immigration reform, marriage equality, environmental justice, human trafficking, etc. Or, find a petition already related to it, sign it, and spread it around

-Make small—but important—habit changes: use less electricity and water, join a group already working on your justice issue of interest, be mindful of the language you use with others, choose local, organic, and fair food, and support movements working to make it more accessible

-Commit to prayer and study on your justice issue of choice—including what the Bible says about justice

-Write an op-ed in one of the local papers

-Host a small group at the Crossing around your justice issue—like a “fireside chat” or watching and discussing a film–contact Eric,, if interested

-For more ideas, check out how others will March Forth on March 4th.

Be Visible

-Post informative articles to your social media pages related to your justice issue

-As you reflect on your justice issue throughout Lent:

-Express yourself creatively: take photos, draw/paint a picture, write a song or poem and share them on the CROSSING’S facebook page. Or share something you’ve written / created previously that is related

-Keep a blog or post brief thoughts and/or questions that arise while reflecting to your social media.

-Use the hashtags #MarchForth and #GiveupApathyforLent

For more info, visit the March Forth Website