Join Us On A Quest Trip This Summer!

Join Us On A Quest Trip This Summer!

Looking for somewhere to travel this summer? Join us on one of our incredible Quest trips.

QUEST is a program of the Crossing by which students can participate in service learning through the powerful experience of traveling with peers to learn about another part of the world. Students have the opportunity to see efforts worldwide to deal with issues of sustainability, peace-making, and education, and to then reflect on how what they are learning abroad might transform the ways in which they see and engage their own context back home. Check out the Quest website for more information!

Here’s where we’re going:

IP 2014 web2Quest Israel-Palestine: A Mission to Listen

Meet with both Israeli and Palestinian activists and peacemakers and explore the complex, fascinating history of this contested region of the world

Applications due March 1st! Apply today!

Group- on the butte in the SUQuest Badlands: Witnessing the Overlooked

Adventure into the back country of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and explore the beauty of the landscape and the impacts of our domestic energy industry.

Applications due March 15th. Apply today!

Kodiak bearQuest Alaska: Rising Together on the Wild Side

Traverse through the wild and biodiverse lands of Kodiak island and learn about conservation efforts of the amazing Kodiak bear.

Applications due March 3rd. Apply today!