Grad Student Group

The Crossing Grad Group aims to create a friendly supporting environment where everyone feels they belong. We share and support each other in health and sickness (literally 😊) through this grad student life. We share our academic achievements to challenges, from our daily lives to our histories. Through this group you can meet people from around the globe:  from the U.S to Lebanon to India to Spain and more. Every grad student on campus is invited to join us in our biweekly conversations, yet to be scheduled for the Fall 2021 semester. You can also join our Crossing Grad Group on Facebook ( to get the updates.  For more information, please email the Co-Leaders, Anshika and Pema.




Anshika Bhasin

My name is Anshika Bhasin and my pronouns are she/ her/ hers. I am from Delhi, India but I have been living in Madison, Wisconsin from last one year. I am a second-year doctoral student at the Curriculum and Instruction department in the School of Education. My research interest areas lie in the realm of social justice education and sociolinguistics. I have also been associated with WIDA at WCER from last one year as a Project Assistant.  I can be reached at


Pema Lhamo

My name is Pema Lhamo.  I am currently a second year Ph.D. student in the Educational Psychology Department.  I come from the northern Region of India called Ladakh, but I am originally from Tibet.  My research interest lies in the field of understanding a way to foster social and emotional competence in human beings.

 During my first graduate year and the unprecedented time we are in, the Graduate Support Group and The Crossing have benefited me in so many ways! I enjoy the presence of this support group as a community who is willing to comfort and help each other anytime. We also get the chance to share the beauty of our diverse backgrounds, experiences, struggles and memories. I personally met so many wonderful friends from different countries and I truly value all these opportunities during my time at the Crossing. I also appreciate the fact that The Crossing openly welcomes students from diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds (like myself).. 

This year, I am more than willing to co-lead this Graduate support group so that more students can experience the same support that I received from this group and so I can give back to this community and offer a space for those who need a place to come and enjoy the time of togetherness, even remotely!   Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.