Bible Study & More

The Crossing invites you to join us in Bible Study (still to be scheduled).  We will meet online until it is safe to meet in person.  Sign up on this form to receive more information and the links.


to be scheduled  – contact for more information

Exploring Christianity from a Progressive Lens
Do you struggle with beliefs you’ve been taught? Do you want to learn more about a progressive perspective on Christianity? Join us for this series to explore your questions, doubts, and beliefs. Each week we will watch a short video (by theologians such as Nadia Bolz-Weber, Brian McLaren, Bruce Reyes-Chow, and Rachel Held Evans) followed by a discussion and Bible Study.  Bible Study is led by our Campus Minister.

Explore Faith
6 week series on God, Religion, Jesus, Salvation, Cross,  Church

Explore Bible 101
6 week series on Canon, History, Testaments, Gospels, Interpretation, Grace



Every semester, The Crossing hosts Bible Studies, book discussions, game nights, and other programming! Make sure to follow us on social media or send us an email to find out what the current groups are!