Badger Quest

        “Quest: Kenya was an experience that changed my outlook on life…”  Maggie D.       

Over the past decade, over 450 students have ventured out on over 40 Quest trips around the world. Quests have traveled to Chiapas, Mexico; the Everglades, Florida; Costa Rica; Northern Ireland; Rome; Cambodia; Nepal; Kenya; Sri Lanka; the Badlands, North Dakota; Cuba; Honduras; Tijuana, Mexico; and Nicaragua. Each Quest is built around a theme which helps students connect deeply with their destination and fellow travelers.  It is hoped participants will grow deeper as spiritual beings and knowledgeable citizens of the earth because of their Quest experience.  Students often express how a trip has transformed their life and outlook. In January 2018, we will be traveling to Costa Rica to work on Finca Pasiflora, a diversified organic farm.  Upcoming Quests include partnering with the National Park Service at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the North Dakota Badlands (May 2018) and The Jirani Project in Kenya (Dec. 2017/Jan. 2018).

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