Connect with us: Building Use

The Crossing is first and foremost the home of The Crossing Campus Ministry, a partnership ministry of the United Methodist Church, American Baptist Churches, and the United Church of Christ.  The building is also home to several non-Crossing tenant organizations. 

Current tenants of the Crossing (if you wish to reach them, please contact them directly):

Slow Food UW

Geneva Campus Church

        Sarvoyada USA

To lease office space at the Crossing as a tenant

(we currently have an open office), contact our Administrator Immer

To lease space for events at the Crossing

We give priority to opportunities which welcome students to the building and are in alignment with The Crossing’s needs and mission.  We ask you to make requests at least two weeks in advance to give us time to consider and process your request.  If you have questions, contact our Administrator Immer

If you are a student looking for a recital venue, click here

If you would like to rent space in our building, click here